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CADDMENTORS, a franchise training institute, was formed in June 2008 by a dedicated team of Subject Matter Specialists who sought relevant training with the right fee structure and found a real dearth of institutions meeting their expectations. From that point, it was all about meeting of minds. The idea germinated producing CADDMENTORS offering relevant courses at reasonable cost by industry experts handling real time issues, all to suit the needs of the aspiring candidates.

CADDMENTORS, besides being a franchise training institute is known for its focus as pure play training in Clinical Research and Business Analytics. Along with training services we provide HR Solutions for our clients in Clinical Research and Business Analysts & Market research. That makes CADDMENTORS a best franchise learning center in Bangalore.

Keeping same thought process CADDMENTORS builds ladder of successful training and achievements. At our franchise training institute we hold to credit many Corporate Clients as well as Educational Organizations who have been trained in different orientations with respect to their requirements. As regards to staff, faculty and technology our franchise training center surpasses excellence. In the field of learning center franchise opportunities, CADDMENTORS tops the rank!!

Our successful journey as a Computer training institute franchise

We bagged the training franchise opportunities in India and have completed a journey of successful 4 and more years where we have trained more than 4500 students. CADDMENTORS, as a franchise training centre is a successful Front Runner in terms of Advanced Analytics training and many MNCs are our clients.

Placement Facility

We stand by our commitment to be the # 1 franchise training center and placements an integrated part of Training. CADDMENTORS is offering an excellent opportunity for students to get exposure to real time scenario and with the same regards our modules are designed which includes Real time projects and Internship program.

There is tough competition for training franchise opportunities in India but a certification from a recognised computer training institute franchise as CADDMENTORS would fetch you global recognition as you step out into your career world.

What you get from CADDMENTORS

From among the many learning center franchise opportunities, CADDMENTORS is the best to associate with. CADDMENTORS computer training institute franchise offers a basket of courses so that you are safe-guarded against seasonal and cyclical business UPs and DOWNs.


Caddmentors has always been committed to organized, professional and streamlined approach to providing education. Caddmentors system of education has been developed and perfected to such a degree that it is now easy to transfer this knowledge and experience via franchise program

As a Caddmentors Franchisee, not only you will have instant access to methods, materials and international affiliations, but also gain instant brand recognition as a reputed training institute.

Complete course material with necessary modifications required from time to time (including papers on the latest pattern of various exams).

Assistance in establishing the franchise.

Caddmentors employs a Powerful Tailor made ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning). The ERP is like your physical presence at the center which will bring any deviation or irregularity to your finger tips through SMS and E-Mail. It’s a boon to entrepreneurs who have multiple business operations due to which they are unable to give personal attention to the Study Center.

Last but not the least — our TOTAL commitment to you and your students.

Become a CADDMENTORS franchisee and gain instant recognition as a reputed training institute!

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Our Role


  • Center layout planning
  • Furniture & interior design standards
  • Staff recruitment & training


  • Cash flow planning guidance
  • Advertising strategy and Support
  • Advertising strategy and Support
  • Advertising strategy and Support


  • Standard course information brochures
  • Standard prospects
  • Layout for promotional media


  • Standard student selection procedures/tests
  • Standard manual covering all education center procedures
  • Standard course record log books
  • Student placement planning guidance
  • Visits by CADDMENTORS representative


  • Standard reading material for students
  • Prepared overhead transparency/ PPT copies
  • Session-wise guide plan for faculty
  • Module Tests
  • Examination and Certification


  • CADDMENTORS runs a successful centralized placement cell, you can have a complete access to our database for placement assistance to your students.

Your Role

  • Arrange for Required Investment to set up the training centre as per the specifications of caddmentors.
  • Follow Standard Operation Procedure and Conduct training at the centers as per CADDMENTORS guidelines.
  • Create good students word of mouth by offering quality training and good placement.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures mentioned in the franchisee agreement.
  • Should upgrade for the new courses launched by CADDMENTORS.
  • Create local market awareness by various campaigning programs.
  • Reporting to CADDMENTORS as per guidelines.
  • Generate Business as per the targets.
  • Payment for royalty, advt. charges, course material etc. to be done on time.
  • Commitment towards quality of the course and interest in the future of the students.
  • Personal involvement in the CADDMENTORS franchise and its day to day running.
  • Immediate response to any enquiry received.
  • Timely management of classes.

Join Us

CADDMENTORS is committed to providing quality education and training programs to meet the needs of industry professionals. CADDMENTORS Franchisee Program is an alliance of organizations devoted to the ongoing delivery of technical training for certain CADDMENTORS training products. If you qualify as an Franchisee you will have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the market popularity of CADDMENTORS Training products.

Franchisee selection is based on a number of factors including proven excellence in training, available facilities and equipment and instructor expertise. In order to join our Franchisee Network, submit your details in the form below. Our Franchisee team will review your Application and contact you within 24 Hrs.

If you have the basic interest and the desire, then do get back to us immediately by Mail to


Welcome to Caddmentors

Learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities

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