Career with CAD

The end result of any product is what makes it desirable to users. Only when your learning and knowledge hold important career prospects will you be keen on mastering the subject. CAD is possibly one of the best courses to train in for it holds a multitude of career opportunities across diverse industries. The following fields employ CAD extensively and sound knowledge in it can land you dream jobs in these industries.

Why CAD?

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Architectural industry
  • Construction Engineering
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Weekend Class 
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Government sectors employ CAD professionals with valuable experience and expertise in key areas such as defence, aviation, R&D sectors and so on to come up with designs and plans that minimise overheads and losses. In the automobile industry and PLM line, CAD professionals are employed to improve throughout, ROI and efficiency while cutting down overheads and defects.

CAD designers and drafters are always in demand in these industries and the pay is generous. After all design doesn’t come easy and requires out of the box thinking, creativity and channelling all that into the software to come up with something fruitful. This is where we can help you; learning from the best trainers will thus add leverage to your resume for you’ll have better hands on experience, real time industry exposure and be ready for your job right from day one. Our sample projects and assignments help you get insights into the working practises in the industry. With CADD Mentors, you can learn under the tutelage of eminent experts and ace your CAD exams and certifications with ease.

Enquire with us @ or drop in for a detailed discussion on career opportunities in store for you; team up with us and train in CAD to give your career the much needed boost!

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