Education Solutions

Education Solutions

Education solutions are a tad bit boring more often than not and they dwell on the theoretical aspect of things heavily. Not much time is spent on hands on training and thus there is an overall sense of dullness about these sessions.

Why teach software when you can inspire innovation and creative design?

Teaching should be in a manner that facilitates out of the box thinking and lets the student/trainee understand the point in question; the trainee must feel compelled to ask questions and try out things for themselves – that is the success of a good teaching methodology. We at CADD mentors strive to enable such an environment in our classrooms. Your learning from us will be an extension to your already acquired knowledge and is devised to suit your learning needs.

How can our learning centres help you?

  • Classes are conducted in a format that facilitate thinking and focus on design aspects rather than the theory associated with it.
  • Customised classes as per individual learning needs
  • We help students prepare for Auto Desk Certification exams.
  • Tracking progress with the help of an assortment of tests, quizzes and so on.
  • We help with preparation for standard exams in CAD like AutoCAD Certified User Exam and so on.
  • On Demand Learning
  • Learn at any convenient time
  • Video sessions/tutorials, demo sessions and hands on training
  • Lectures from industry experts
  • Personalised Help

Our education services are the best in the league and cater your all your needs.

Enlist the services of our trainers to help students ace CAD based exams; get in touch with us @ info for further details or drop in for a visit!

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