Future with CAD

Future with CAD

CAD is here to rule to roost with its 3D applications!

CAD is employed in certain key industries widely and is here to stay. Listed below are the key sectors that hold the future for CAD.

  • PLM is one of the key areas where CAD is used extensively and PLM itself is employed across industries to minimise defects, improve efficiency and throughput and make the overall manufacturing process more cost effective.
  • Automobile industries use CAD to optimise their designs and to come up with plans that save fuel and also the manufacturing costs while improving durability and the strength of the vehicles. This is another key area that holds a lot of scope for CAD specialists.
  • Bio CAD is as yet the most futuristic idea in automated design. This area holds unimaginable opportunities and deals with design tools that stimulate biological constructs and help study them in detail.
  • Aviation Industry is yet another area where CAD holds the key to the future. Designs that minimise fuel consumption and improve safety standards/ equip military vehicles with better accuracy are much sought after.
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering – These are other industries where CAD has found use since its origins and still holds a promising future in these areas.

Biomechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and aerospace are other industries where CAD has been employed since its beginning and designing is becoming increasing complex. Generative designs and predictive design tools are the future in this industry.

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